Parking FAQs

Lost Tickets

It is at the discretion of the City of Karratha and Karratha Airport to waive the $200 lost ticket fee and to charge an estimate fee for car parking minus $35.00 administration fee for the cost of investigating your claim. We will verify entry and exit details using the information and evidence provided along with our CCTV and data records. ** Add PDF to lost ticket form** 

Parker Cards 

For regular customers of the Short- and Long-Term Car Park.  

Available as a Debit or Season Parker Card.  

Debit Parker Card can be loaded with any amount. The amount charged to the card and the remaining available is displayed when the card is swiped at the exit. This is non-refundable however has no expiry. You can top the card up with any amount after the initial load.  

Season Parker Cards are invoiced monthly. The minimum spend amount is $50/month. To request an application or further information please email  

Passenger Pick-up and Drop-off 
Anyone can enter the terminals to greet or farewell passengers. Short term parking is 1 hour free of charge. 

Car park assistance 
Onsite front of house security officers and airport staff can assist you with parking and ticketing needs. Press the intercom button, you will be redirected to our 24/7 car park call center. 

Frequently asked questions

Do we need to book ahead to use the car park? 

Booking is not required for any of the car parks.

Take a ticket to enter, use the same ticket to exit. Alternatively, you can insert a credit card at the carpark gate (Mastercard or Visa) when entering and exiting. The balance will be charged directly to your card and a receipt will print.  

Can you tell me how much it will cost to park my car for a certain number of days? 

Use the parking calculator.  

There is 60 minutes free parking available in the short-term parking area.

What happens if I lose my parking ticket? 

Pay a $200 lost ticket fee to exit the car park.  

Can be refunded minus the estimated costs incurred for parking and a $35 administration fee at the discretion of the City of Karratha and subject to being able to prove the claim is genuine.  

The entry and exit details will be verified from CCTV and data records.   

Complete Request for Refund for Lost Ticket Payment Form  


Can I use a credit card to pay for car parking? 

Mastercard or Visa are accepted 

Can I park my oversize vehicle in the car park? 

Oversize vehicles are not permitted in the Short and Long Term car parks. Permission may be granted at the discretion of the airport manager. Email  

Can you reprint a parking receipt? 

In most instances a receipt can be reprinted. Provide first 6 digits and last 3 digits of credit card, date & time, fee amount, pay station or car park location where payment was processed. Email request to