Parking FAQs

The City of Karratha is making parking easier for visitors with the introduction of ticketless parking at the Karratha Airport

The new license plate recognition parking system will go live on July 3 and will see no physical tickets issued on entry.

Upon arrival at any of the car park entrances, automated machines using cameras will scan  the vehicle’s license plate, and the boom gate will open.

Passenger Pick-up and Drop-off 
Anyone can enter the terminals to greet or farewell passengers. Short term parking is 1 hour free of charge. 

Car park assistance 
Onsite front of house security officers and airport staff can assist you with parking and ticketing needs. Press the intercom button, you will be redirected to our 24/7 car park call center. 

Frequently asked questions

Do we need to book ahead to use the car park? 

Booking is not required for any of the car parks.

Can you tell me how much it will cost to park my car for a certain number of days? 

Use the parking calculator.  

There is 60 minutes free parking available in the short-term parking area.

Can I use a credit card to pay for car parking? 

Payment can be made via credit card, cash or Apple pay at the pay station by entering license plate details on the touch screen.

Can I park my oversize vehicle in the car park? 

Oversize vehicles are not permitted in the Short and Long Term car parks. Permission may be granted at the discretion of the airport manager. Email  

Can you reprint a parking receipt? 

In most instances a receipt can be reprinted. Provide vehicle registration number, date & time, fee amount, last four digits of card, pay station or car park location where payment was processed. Email request to  

What if I parked before the system went live?

The System goes live from July 3. Any vehicles in the carpark before July 3 will only be required to pay the fees from July 3 up to the date they exit.

How do I enter the car park?

Our car park is equipped with licence plate recognition cameras.  Upon arrival at any of the car park entrances, our cameras will scan your number plate, and the boom gate will open.

If the cameras can’t read your licence plate number, you will be prompted to tap your credit card.  When exiting, you will then be asked to use the same credit card to tap off, this will be used to calculate how long you remained in the car park. 

Where can I stop to pick up or drop off a passenger?

There is a dedicated passenger pickup/drop off lane at the front of the terminal.

For security reasons, vehicles collecting or dropping off passengers at the front of the terminals must remain with the vehicle at all times and must not exceed 2 minutes. 

Short Term parking, located right at the front of the terminals is a convenient way of dropping off and picking up passengers.

How do I exit the car park?

If you stay longer than 1 hour, payment can be made at the pay station by entering the licence plate details on the touch screen, the parking fee due will be displayed and payment can be made by cash or card.  Mobile payments are also available via the Mobile Ticket app, or by scanning QR parking code.   

At the exit gate, the system will recognise the licence plate and the boom gate will open automatically.  Payment can also be made at the exit terminal by credit card.

How to print a receipt

Prior to paying press receipt button

Car park assistance

Onsite front-of-house security officers and airport staff can assist you with parking needs.

 If you experience any difficulties, press the help button for 24/7 customer support. 

Register now

For a quick and easy exit and extended parking, download the free Mobile Ticket app now.

Regular Customers

For regular customers of either short or long-term parking, you will be offered access to a car parking account.  This will allow users to manage their vehicle access and provides visibility on parking usage and receipts.

What information is retained?

The only information retained by the machines is the license plate number which can only be accessed by authorised persons for a limited time.